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Our tour packages are uniquely developed over a long time traveling experience. We are experts of traveling in Ethiopia. We promote this country with rich and diverse language, culture and history.

There's no doubt about it, Ethiopia has had an image problem. Mention the country, and most people still think of famine and war. But the fighting ended in 1991/92 and today there's optimism in the air. The people of Ethiopia are always positively welcoming visitors to their country, to see the dramatic landscapes and the ancient cultural sites that have been unreachable for so long.

We were through the tour and travel business for like ages now. Through education, familiarization and customer feedback, we really have become a professional travel consultant.

We offer our clients suggestions in their best interest. We offer them the best advice based on their interest, budget and available time. Consultants share their knowledge, gained through many sources, about where to eat, stay, play, sleep and shop.

While we handpick the most comfortable lodges and hotels available, we encourage our guests to get out and explore and discover, listen and see, smell and touch. Ethiopia is a place that contacts all the senses and on an exclusive Danit tour & travel journey, our specialized itineraries, in-depth experience and focus on authenticity will allow you to return home knowing you have gained the most from your Ethiopia travel experience.

We provide professional information about car rental, travel destinations, flights, hotels, travel deals, travel insurance, travel tips, etc.

We are passionate about educational student travel and obsessed with customer satisfaction. By combining experience, integrity, and lots of fun, we offer students expertly crafted trips that build life-long memories and we provide your group with an unforgettable travel experience.

Planning an unforgettable student trip can be complicated. We manage all the details and provide you with timely information and online tools to make the entire process clear, efficient, and organized. By taking the stress out of the process, your trip will be truly enjoyable for both you and your students.

You could plan the whole trip yourself, but why? Managing travel, lodging, destinations, tour guides, insurance, liability and other important details can be overwhelming. At Danit we work with your group specific needs, handle all the details and unforeseen events, and are with you every step of the way.

Our photography tour is like no other kind of journey. While virtually every tour company includes photography as part of their overall trip activities, Danit Photography tour is set apart by our commitment to offer the finest in outdoor photography and related travel. That means we spend more time at the places we visit than other nature/photo/adventure travel companies for a more in-depth photo exploration of the wildlife, wild places and people we encounter along the way.

Taking part in a Danit Photography tour is a concentrated and productive photography experience. Unlike many companies that offer trips œsuitable for general travelers, nature enthusiasts and photographers combined, our trips are designed exclusively for nature and outdoor photography enthusiasts.

Here we are, your journey starts with a smile.

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When you choose Danit Ethiopia Tours, you are taking a vacation with a holiday expert. We really know the destinations we offer because we take care to check every. Read More

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