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Location of Ethiopia on World Map

Ethiopia-one of the most fascinating countries in the world , Old beyond all imagination, dating back to the very beginnings.

In spite of the too common perception as a poor country, Ethiopia boasts a rich, living cultural, historic, and natural heritage. In natural terms, it has an exceptional number of endemic species, including one of the highest diversities of birds in Africa. Ethiopia is a country of great civilizations which left their legacy for the country: two-thousand-year old Axum, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the castles of Gondar and much more.

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deberdamo church

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world. What is believed to be the oldest remains of a human ancestor ever found, which have been dated as being some five million years old, were discovered in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia. This beats the discovery of Lucy, a 3.2 million year old skeleton, who was unearthed in the same area in 1974.

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Ethiopian Flag History

Politics of Ethiopia takes place in a framework of a federal parliamentary republic, whereby the Prime Minister is the head of government. Executive power is exercised by the government. The prime minister is chosen by the parliament. Federal legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of parliament. The Judiciary is more or less independent of the executive and the legislature.

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Old Ethiopian Priest

A large number of religions are traditionally practiced in Ethiopia, the most numerous today being Orthodox Christianity, followed by Islam. Traditional beliefs, usually categorized as Animism, attract a decreasing number of followers.

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Ethiopian Farmer

The Ethiopian economy is based on agriculture, which contributes 42% to Gross Domestic product (GDP) and more than 80% of exports, and employs 80% of the population. The major agricultural export crop is coffee, providing approximately 26% of Ethiopia's foreign exchange earnings, down from 65% because of the slump in coffee prices since the mid-1990s and increases in other exports. Other traditional major agricultural exports are leather, hides and skins, pulses, oilseeds and the traditional "khat", a leafy narcotic that is chewed. Sugar and gold production has also become important in recent years.

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Quick Facts about Ethiopia

Ethiopia is not only a very safe country; it is also a place where you feel very welcome. And don’t be surprised if you become to have many Ethiopian friends. Ethiopians are such a warm and open people!

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Ethiopian Calendar


The Ethiopian calendar, also called the Ge'ez calendar, is the principal calendar used in Ethiopia and also serves as the liturgical calendar for Christians in Eritrea belonging to the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic Church and Lutheran Evangelical Church of Eritrea.

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If you make it to Ethiopia, Danit will facilitate your tour to the nine sites registered as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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