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Dallol Depression

Because of the different chemical springs you can see the most beautiful colors combinations, like Yellow-Brown, White-Greenish and Brown. The south of Dallol the crust is cut into rectangular slabs and transported up into the highlands by camel caravans. The caravans travel in both directions, some coming into the Danakil laden with animal fodder and supplies, the others laden with salt slabs with are later sold in Mekele for processing into common salt.

Lake Asale

The Lake Asale is also one of the attractions, which we can visit, along the way to the Dallol Depression. Here is the place where you find the mountain, of the are Mother of all salt's, as it is named by the locals.

Erta Ale

Erta Ale ranks as one of the most alluring  and physically challenging- natural attractions anywhere in Ethiopia. Rising from below sea level to an altitude of 613m, Erta Ale is a shield volcano with a base diameter of 30km.

To see the Lava Lake we walk in the night, which takes you about 3 hours to be at the top of Erta Ale and this spectacular active Lava Lake gives you a wonder of nature.

Lake Afrera

Lake Afrera, which extends over almost 100km2 some 30km south east Erta Ale as a crow flies, is a highly saline body of water fed by the abundant thermal springs that rise on its northern eastern and southern eastern shores. Afrera lies at an altitude of 103m below sea level. Lake Afrera is stunning apparition, with its emerald-green water over shadowed by looming black basalt of mounts Borale. Because the saline nature of the Lake you can floats and read a book on the water, just like the Death Sea in the Middle East.

It’s worth every bit of effort a trip of this nature entails with Danit Ethiopia Tours.

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